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Youth Activating Oil-Balm is a luxurious treatment serum rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Enriched with L-22 Inci and Lakesis giving new breath to all skins. Our customers describe it as 'heavenly'! Perfect for all skins, in particular those looking for comfort in and nourishment.

Youth Activating Oil-Balm

  • Lakesis

    L-22 Inci

    Tsubaki Oil

    Rosehip Oil

    Grapeseed Oil

    Rosemary Extract

    Seabuckthorn Extract

  • Emulsify half a pump on fingers tips and apply to skin after serum and before or after treatment hydrator. Take care not to overuse – less is best.

    Dewy Skin Tips: For a dewy skin finish mix a small amount in with your hydrator or into your foundation.

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