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The OXYGENEO facial offers three primary steps to beautify your skin: exfoliation, oxygenation, and infusion.

Exfoliate – The OXYGENEO treatment starts with exfoliation to gently remove the dead skin cells from the upper layer, make the skin smooth, clean clogged pores, and renew your skin. It generates CO2 bubbles in high amounts to the trigger Bohr Effect, which is a physiological response by the topmost skin layer.
Oxygenate – The Bohr Effect is an oxygenation process for your skin. When it is triggered, O2-rich blood is sent to your skin, and it replaces the CO2. Through this process, the OXYGENEO treatment oxygenates your skin from within, improving cellular activity.
Infuse – Along with oxygenation, OXYGENEO facial also infuses vitamins, nutrients, and other active ingredients. These ingredients not only make your skin healthier and well-nourished but they also make the skin tone smoother.

30 min $139

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