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Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal utilizes a QSwitch laser mechanism to shatter the ink particles in the dermis. Ink particles become small enough for the immune system cells to digest and eliminate the ink via the lymphatic system.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Clients wish to have cosmetic tattooing removed for various reasons:

To fade the original tattoo in preparation for a ‘cover up’ cosmetic tattoo. This is common with eyebrow cosmetic tattooing as the ink compounds oxidise over time and causes the tattoo to become discoloured. The client is no longer happy with the original colour or shape. Some cosmetic tattooists will recommend removing the original tattoo before they perform the next session, due to the ink compounds not mixing well. However, this can be dependent on the technician.

Treatment areas often include:

Eyebrows, Lips, Freckles, Camouflage for scars, birth marks or vitiligo, Scalp micropigmentation, Medical indications such as nipple / areola complex reconstruction. 

Consultation $40 Redeemable on product, first treatment or package

Eyebrows $100

Lips $100

1/2 business card 4.45 cm x 2.55 cm $100

Business Card 8.9 x 5.1 $150

up to A7 7.4 cm x 10.5 cm $180

up to A6 10.5 x 14.85 cm $199

up to A5 14.85 x 21cm $269

up to A4 21 x 29.7 $320

After care pack from $13

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