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Using our Cryopen we offer precise, powerful cryotherapy treatments to permanently remove benign skin lesions safely, quickly and effectively with no collateral damage to healthy tissue.

Treats: Skin Tags, Hemangioma, Pigmented Spots, Seborrheic Keratosis and Solar Lentigo.


A consultation is required to determine suitability and treatment settings. No guarantee is offered that you will be suitable for treatment until the consultation has taken place.

Doctors letter of clearance is required to ensure lesions are benign and clear for treatment, particually pigmented lesions.  In our clinic we can treat Pigmented spots, solar lentigo, skin tags, Haemangioma, Seborrheic keratosis, Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Constulation $40 Redeemable on product or first treatment

1 - 5 lesions $100
5 - 10 lesions $130
11 - 15  lesions $160
16 - 20 lesions $190

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