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Express Laser Carbon Facial

Favored by celebrities and public personalities, this treatment gives an instantly luminous glow before any red carpet event. This latest skin treatment is a non invasive treatment that combines dermatologically-approved carbon cream with laser technology to deliver instant exfoliation and a deep cleanse and purification of the pores.​ Suitable for all skin types Fitz 1 - 5 to treat concerns such as: Enlarged pores Congested skin Acne/blackheads Fine lines/wrinkles Uneven skin tone Dull lifeless skin Lax skin Thick/sun-damaged skin Oily skin.​

Whilst suitable for all skin types not everyone is suitable for a laser carbon facial due to certain medications or medical conditions. For this reason we recommend if you are a first time client or looking to achieve specific skin goals, booking a skin consultation prior to your facial or booking your facial far enough in advance to allow us to send you a consultation form to determine suitability.

30 min | $140


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